Postcard: The Great Pacific Garbarge Patch*

I always say that a visit to Hawaii will change your life. What I rarely say is this: living in Hawaii will also change your life. There’s the obvious—a sudden aversion to any weather that dips below 65 degrees, a permanent deep tan, an acceptance of $7 milk gallons. And then there’s the less obvious: a shift towards sustainable living.

It’s nearly impossible to live in Hawaii and not change your habits. Stores will charge you extra money for a plastic bag, plastic straws are banned, and a constant wash up of plastic* on beaches serves as a reminder that our actions have consequences.  

If you’re looking to get in on the action too, these are a few of my favorite sustainable things. My current obsession is this reusable bag starter pack which includes two big mesh totes and three smaller bags, all made with organic cotton. Not only do they fold up easily in drawers, they also just look so much chicer when shopping. As for straws, this one is a keeper (the case makes all the difference). The last thing I’ve done is switch to a natural toothpaste with recyclable metal packaging—it’s the little things!

Passport to Luxury with Tory Sport

Last Friday I was kindly invited by Tory Sport Hawaii to attend Passport to Luxury, a private shopping event at the Ala Moana Center. We're incredibly lucky in Honolulu to even have a Tory Sport (there's only six in the United States!) and I felt even more fortunate that I was invited to spend time with such a select group of clients.

The event, hosted annually by Modern Luxury Hawai'i', featured several luxury boutiques, each with their own in-store presentations.

Naturally, I spent the majority of my time at Tory Sport. I loved getting to know some of the women who work there, shopping the spring arrivals (give me all the green stripes!), and participating in the store's fun raffles. The boutique also served delicious bites from one of Honolulu's best restaurants, Yauatcha--which I'm craving now just thinking about!


While I love just about everything Tory Sport creates, the 2018 Spring Collection is my favorite to date! I'm naturally drawn to blues and greens, so I appreciate that the collection offers a spectrum of color and pattern options for both. And as always, the collection celebrates women embracing ambition; so the clothes are as functional as they are stylish.

I walked away with this anorak jacket and this adorable tennis themed key fob. I had originally planned on picking up a pair of these leggings too, but the store was sold out of my size by the time I arrived. Luckily, they're still available online! Side note: I already owned this performance cashmere sweater, but I can't suggest it enough. It's the most comfortable sweater plus it has a nice relaxed fit--perfect for on and off the court!

Ultimately, the evening was fun with a purpose as a portion of all sales were donated to this year's charity the Hawaii Community Foundation.

I can't thank Tory Sport Hawaii enough for the invitation, especially my girl Christine! (If you need anything from Tory Sport, I can't recommend working with Christine enough--she's absolutely fantastic. Just tell her I sent you!)

Thank you to Tory Sport Hawaii, Ala Moana Center, and Modern Luxury Hawai'i Magazine for graciously hosted the event.