Where Did (or Would) You Honeymoon?

Our wedding was an absolute dream. While I loved every second of it, paying for the majority of the costs ourselves meant keeping our honeymoon on the smaller side. And by small, I really just mean domestic. At first, I was so disappointed that I insisted on calling it a mini ‘moon--once we had a little more time and money, we’d take a proper honeymoon somewhere international.

Life, of course, has a funny way of working out just the way it should. We had such a great time in California—first exploring San Francisco, then driving the PCH, and finally sipping wine in Sonoma—that I never felt the need to plan anything else.

But with our one year anniversary coming up in a few months, I’m getting the itch again to travel somewhere big, aka international, to celebrate. I’ve spent that last few days looking for my old list of ideal honeymoon spots, only to realize that I don’t have it anymore. And so, I’m asking you: where did you go for your honeymoon? Where do you want to go/wish you would’ve gone?

Let’s discuss.