Postcard: The Four Seasons

It didn’t take long (read: four instagram pics and a long weekend) before friends started asking, in lesser words, “How the hell can you afford to stay at the Four Seasons so often?” While I would normally find this question a little rude, I can’t say I blame them—the Four Seasons is as expensive as, well, you know what.

Now here’s the part where I wish I could say something smart and casual like, Oh, I just shop generic or I work a lot of over time…but let’s get real, that’s not me (although if anyone can point me in the direction of a generic version of La Mer’s Cooling Gel I would be eternally grateful).

The real secret is actually much simpler: most hotels and resorts offer a pretty amazing discount to Hawaii residents. Like, jaw-dropping-be-back-every-weekend discounts. The only catch: you usually have to present a state ID or driver’s license—well worth the long wait at the DMV.

So go ahead, girl. Treat yo’ self.