Postcard: The Great Pacific Garbarge Patch*

I always say that a visit to Hawaii will change your life. What I rarely say is this: living in Hawaii will also change your life. There’s the obvious—a sudden aversion to any weather that dips below 65 degrees, a permanent deep tan, an acceptance of $7 milk gallons. And then there’s the less obvious: a shift towards sustainable living.

It’s nearly impossible to live in Hawaii and not change your habits. Stores will charge you extra money for a plastic bag, plastic straws are banned, and a constant wash up of plastic* on beaches serves as a reminder that our actions have consequences.  

If you’re looking to get in on the action too, these are a few of my favorite sustainable things. My current obsession is this reusable bag starter pack which includes two big mesh totes and three smaller bags, all made with organic cotton. Not only do they fold up easily in drawers, they also just look so much chicer when shopping. As for straws, this one is a keeper (the case makes all the difference). The last thing I’ve done is switch to a natural toothpaste with recyclable metal packaging—it’s the little things!