Packing List No. 5 | Hotels

Hotel Packing List

In all honesty, much of December will be a departure from your regularly scheduled island-centric content. With the holiday season approaching, the husband and I are taking a long trip back east to visit our family in the Washington and New York metro areas (Alexandria VA and Hoboken NJ, respectfully) at the end of the month. Visions of a snowy—cross your fingers!—East Coast are dancing in my head, so it’s hard to write about bikinis and the like.

As the husband and I both come from large families with tiny houses (or condos), we usually end up staying in a nearby hotel or home share for the week. I like this for several reasons: we get a little privacy, we never feel overwhelmed with family, and we usually stay in a part of the neighborhood that we’re less familiar with.

But staying in a hotel obviously has it’s drawbacks. Even in a hotel where I know every little detail is taken care of, I still have a go-to list of things I bring with me for added comfort. So without further ado, I bring you the Hotel Packing List:

The most demanding relationship in my life right now is the one I have with my hair. It can be wild and unforgiving and even the nicest hotel pillowcases in the world tend to only make things worse. Luckily, these lightweight, but heavy duty cases work miracles on both everyday curls and celebratory blow outs alike. And having tested this expensive version, I can honestly say that these $40 pillowcases work just as well at half the price.

On a similar note, I just can’t be bothered with those flimsy, cheap shower caps that come standard in any hotel. Sure, they kindaaa work. But they also make me feel more cafeteria lady than jet setter…which never feels great. Instead, I bring along this new-to-me shhhower cap whose tagline is “the shower cap reinvented”—think turban inspired design x fashion forward prints. I also bring this turban to dry my hair in lieu of standard towels.

This may have more to do with the flight that usually accompanies a hotel stay rather than the hotel itself, but I always pack this ice roller which works miracles on puffiness, migraines, and breaks outs. It’s an all around miracle worker that I use daily, regardless of my location.

I used to not be much of, um, a pajama girl. But there is nothing worse than the scramble to throw on a robe when room service arrives or the mad dash to get dressed when the dreaded fire alarm goes off in the middle of the night. After I bought this pair of pajamas for my trip to the Big Island, I’ve been living in them non-stop. In addition to being incredibly comfortable (some might say: the world’s comfiest), they’re versatile enough to mix with actual clothes on those extra, extra lazy days. This festive pair would be perfect for the holidays, but these are my go-to pair.

What do you bring along with you for a hotel stay? I’m curious to know what I might be missing!