Packing List No. 4 | Kona

You won’t believe how many times I’ve tried to visit the Big Island. There was Memorial Day Weekend (volcano eruption), that random weekend in June (work emergency), and finally Labor Day Weekend (hurricane).

I was just beginning to give up on the whole thing when one of my best friends suggested a super low key girl’s trip to Kona. With words like “spa” and “Four Seasons” thrown out, I couldn’t resist giving it one last try. So with visions of poolside mai tais floating in our heads, we bought our tickets, booked our room, and knocked on wood that nothing would go wrong.

Needless to say, I had a lot of time to think about this particular packing list. Here’s what I’m (finally!) packing for a long weekend on the Big Island.


Kona, like most of Hawaii, requires a casual dress code. While I know it’s probably wishful thinking even in November to pack these French-girl jeans (a reasonably priced dupe for this American version), I’m bringing them just in case the temps drop below 80 degrees. No matter the weather, you’ll find me wearing these crisp, all-white sneakers.


Funny story: the last time I stayed at a Four Seasons I forgot to pack a bathing suit (or literally a single thing that could possibly be worn in water). While I was lucky enough to find a suit at the resort that a) fit and b) didn’t cost half my mortgage, it’s a travel lesson seared into my memory: when it comes to packing, start with the suits! This trip I’ve packed my new classic black bikini and few other oldies but goodies.


I’ll be honest, the majority of our weekend is going to be spent lounging around and exploring the hotel grounds. Our plans include a sunrise yoga class, a visit to a coffee farm + a coffee tasting, and eating at the incredible restaurants around the resort. I recently ordered this pair of Rebecca de Ravenel earrings on MAJOR sale and I can’t think of a better place to debut them then at the Ulu Ocean Grill and Sushi Lounge with this hot coral dress—I’m firmly of the opinion that dressing up for dinner always makes a vacation feel extra luxurious.


In my mind, a multi-day stay at a luxury resort with my best girl friend is basically the adult version of summer camp. So you can understand why I couldn’t resist getting us a “matching”—same style, different colors— set of the world’s comfiest pajamas.

Additionally, I’m using this trip to try out this beloved hair turban—perfect for both post shower and après pool. Have you tried it before? I’d heard rave reviews about it from various sources, but it was this Into the Gloss piece that really sold me.

Lastly, I’m tucking away my new-ish Fujifilm X-T20. This trip I’m hoping to get some reps in behind the lens and, if the pictures aren’t tooo horrible, share them with you lovelies.

See you soon, Big Island.

P.S. Seriously considering buying this pair of earrings as well since the combined price would still be a steal.