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about town

Town is a modern guide to sport, leisure, and travel in Honolulu, Hawaii. Influenced by the people, places, and glamour of Old Hawaii, we aim to introduce a new generation to classic island style. 

Featuring inspirational and informative lifestyle content, Town serves as a trusted resource for island living (or visiting!) and an exclusive guide to the city's most pleasurable pastimes. 

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 About Veronica Bean

While her family has been living, working, and/or playing on the island of Oahu for four generations, Veronica Bean has just recently made the jump from summer holidays to full-time island living.  

In turn, she now writes about the culture, politics, and aesthetics of all things Hawaiiana. You can follow along on with all of her (mostly poolside) adventures  on Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.

Veronica is based year round in Honolulu. 

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(Photo taken by the lovely Cait Schlabach!)